The delicate issues surrounding inheritance are frequently daunting, particularly when those issues involve large and valuable parcels of land, complicated family foundations, or jointly held family assets. Literature on the complex issues of property ownership is scant, competent advisors are few and accurate information is often difficult to obtain. With family lands come a strong sense of place and deep emotional connections. They connect past, present and future generations to one another. Family foundations and other jointly owned family assets often carry a strong sense of family legacy as well.

While lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, land use planners, land trust representatives and other professionals provide important information, knowledge alone does not always make the best choices obvious. Often, even when the most effective tax and investment decisions are apparent, making choices can divide and tear the heart of a family when the family members hold differing views. Boyce-Abel Associates creates an environment where mind, heart and spirit can join in decision making.

Ms. Boyce-Abel’s understanding after many years of experience is that no one is inherently “wrong.” There are simply differing views; all too often, strongly held positions can lead to adversarial posturing, which can unfortunately then lead to litigation, a situation where no one gets what they want or “wins.” The foundational goal of Boyce-Abel Associates is to create clear communication and understanding between all participants. Intention is the building block of the outcome. Creating a clear intention for open communication and conversation where all are heard is critical to moving forward in a positive, balanced way.

Boyce-Abel Associates services are indispensable to:

  • Individuals
  • Estate owners
  • Beneficiaries
  • New landowners
  • Single and joint landowners
  • Families with inheritance disputes
  • Families who are planning their estates for future generations
  • Executors and trustees
  • Family corporations and limited partnerships
  • Couples
  • Intentional communities
  • Family office directors and staff
  • Conference participants