What people are saying about Boyce-Abel Associates & Family Lands Consulting:

It was incredibly lucky that our mutual contact gave me your name at a time when the future of our Marin County land was at risk. As you know, it has been a very complicated process to ensure that my mother be able to remain on the land until her death and that her children continue to keep the land in the family for the future.

Your negotiation skills were invaluable at a time when communications with siblings were very tense regarding how everyone would be assured of equitability for their inheritance. As a neutral party, you were able to allow everyone to express their ideas in front of each other without "old patterns" of communication getting in the way. As with any family, ours has its "baggage" and historic relationships that can get in the way of effective listening and communication. Without you, the ultimate solution would have been a lot more difficult without a doubt!

You also provided an element of trust for all of us, so that ideas were shared in front of you that may not have been shared otherwise. While that was painful at times, I think it gave us a much better basis for resolving the issues.

I want to thank you for all your time and patience, and hope that many more will be able to benefit from your skills. You have a very needed skill, especially when financial pressures can result in family roots (i.e., connection to land) being torn apart, often unnecessarily.


Thank you for helping me to navigate towards love, resolution, family, harmony, and happily ever after.

-A. O.