Olivia Boyce-Abel founded Family Lands Consulting in 1994 to help families retain their harmony, make sound family decisions, and successfully transfer their land to future generations using a combination of facilitation and mediation. In 1998, responding to her clients’ broader needs, she founded Boyce-Abel Associates to assist families with all aspects of wealth transfer and estate planning. Ms. Boyce-Abel and her colleagues work with individuals and families nationally and internationally on family asset transference, including preservation of family homes and lands, by facilitating and mediating decisions and disputes and assisting in the implementation of plans.

Ms. Boyce-Abel was inspired to create her businesses after living through an intense and protracted personal experience. She was involved with family dynamics as a beneficiary to her grandmother’s trust, an executor of her mother’s will, and as a trustee of her mother’s foundation. In the time since her business was originally founded, her personal experiences have expanded to include being a beneficiary of her father’s trust that provided for her stepmother and being a co-trustee of her deceased partner’s trust for his vacation property.

Ms. Boyce-Abel learned firsthand about family stewardship, multiparty ownership of assets, and the significance of family dynamics in reaching resolution after years of miscommunication and misunderstanding over her own family's land and its preservation, including litigation and mediation involving the initial trusts, wills, and land issues. Her professional background now spans over 35 years of work in land preservation, litigation, and mediation. Her sensitivity to family dynamics allows her to work effectively with all parties involved to clarify and resolve conflict, achieve collaborative agreements, and foster creative solutions.