Wealth transference

I know a thing or two about wealth and land transference, and I'd like to tell you about it.

Here's a paragraph from another part of this website:

While lawyers, financial advisors,land use planners, and land trust representatives provide important information, knowledge alone does not always make the best choices obvious. Often, even when the best investment decisions are apparent, making choices can divide and tear the heart of a family. FLC creates an environment where mind and heart can join in decision making.

Communication skills

The more family meetings I mediate, the more I learn about the importance of communication skills! I could say more, but I won't.

Here's a paragraph from another part of the website:

The delicate issues surrounding inheritance are frequently daunting, particularly when those issues involve large and valuable parcels of land. Literature on the complex issues of property ownership is scant, competent advisors are few, and accurate information is often difficult to obtain. Land carries with it a stong sense of place and often inspires deep emotions connected to a family's legacy for present and future generations.